Repertory 2019/20

In season 2019/20 we invited the four internationally acclaimed choreographers Stephanie Thiersch, Hillel Kogan, Francesco Scavetta and Adrienn Hód to work with BODHI PROJECT. Stephanie Thiersch’s choreography “Kritter” throws a view on the ambivalent relationship of humans and non-human with the natural world. Six bodies in constant transformation try to organize and reconfigure the relations with what is there and explore strategies of „staying in trouble“ (Donna Haraway) proposing more a making with, than an individual self-fulfillment. Hillel Kogan examines in “Dancer is the Answer” the existence / non-existence of freedom in movement and exposes and deconstructs conventions, social ideologies, and the clichés of dance and of art in general that are reflected in bodies. Francesco Scavetta aims to work with “For all the other reasons” on a dramaturgical polyphony that combines and interplays physical and theatrical materials produced individually by the performers. The individual solos will be later knitted together and investigate the possibility to create intricate scenes that become an opportunity for epiphany. The new piece created by Adrienn Hód and BODHI PROJECT is focusing on paradoxical phenomena between movement, stillness, monotonity and attitude. The deconstruction that can be observed through-out the piece brings together the tough athleticism of marching bands and the sensitivity of the Chopin nocturnes. The contradictory nature of the deconstructed performances thus forces the audience to look beyond the object of their attention and observe a deeper sense.

Repertory 2018/19

For this season 2018/19 four internationally acclaimed choreographers Guy Nader & Maria Campos, Jose Agudo, Lisi Estaras and Francesco Scavetta have been commisioned to work with us. The new piece "ROUTES" by Guy Nader & Maria Campos steers our attention to a journey of multiple paths inhabited by the complicity of six dancers that constantly defy gravity finding different strategies of cooperation that make these complex paths and situations achievable. The second piece "BHAJ - to belong to" by Josè Agudo initiates a journey of transformation, that connects with the power of ritualistic movement and ascends into a trance. Lisi Estara's piece "No Human No cry!" with raw art forms, not honed by academic conventions, open up a glimpse into the secrets of intuitive creativity with its exuberance and empathy. Lisi was inspired by the dancer Valeska Gert and the artistic vision of Art Brut. Francesco Scavettas choreography "All I know of which I am not thinking" explores, in a peculiar blend of politics, poetics and humour, the notion of truth and falsehood in theatre and everydays life.The project identifies the theme of lying as iconic and relevant on both a socio-political and personal level. 

Repertory 2017/18

The first piece "Beneath a Falling Sky" by Jarrko Mandelin deals with sceneries where tender and caring relations between people seem timeless and substantial. As a counterpoint unrestrained bursts, which might on the first sight seem violent, reveal as a playful game filled with physical details between the dancers who share an ultimate atmosphere of trust and support. The second piece "Sound of the Trap" by Cecilia Bengolea fokuses on the study of different body constructions and dance cultures. She creates a cadavre exquis, full of imagery, historical references, contemporary and folk dances that intertwine with recorded music and live sound. The third performance "Lucy" by Lali Ayguadè was about the dialiectic of our world: We are consistently living with good and bad, with what is right and what is wrong, with beauty and ugliness... One always exists because of the other, we cannot imagine one of them existing by itself. And on the occasion of Sazburg Festival's opera production "L'incoronazione di Poppea" in summer 2018, the fourth choreographer and director Jan Lauwers was working with dancers of his prestigious Needcompany as well as with dancers of BODHI PROJECT and SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. The premiere took place on August 12th, 2018 in Haus für Mozart.  

Repertory 2016/17

Acclaimed choreographers Emanuel Gat (“SEADsketches”), Mala Kline (“bodhi”), Iratxe Ansa & Igor Bacovich (“EXSTESIA) and Rosalba Torres (“Long Past”) have been commissioned to create new works for BODHI PROJECT in season 2016/17 whereas Sita Ostheimer restages a beloved creation “Ubuntu”. Anastasia Valsamaki, Barnaby Booth & Mathilde Pailley choreographed “Common Ground” as part of international choreographic exchange program.

Repertory 2015/16

The season started with an international cooperation with DIALOGE festival for Etienne Guilloteau's "Tanz & Musik Zeit-Bild" (premiere November 2015, republic), followed by two premieres by Jukstapoz - Christine Gouzelis ("Fragile Matter") & Paul Blackman and Sita Ostheimer ("Ubuntu") at New Faces New Dances Festival in republic in February 2016. Later in April one more premiere happend at the Xchange Festival in republic with the presentation of Eldad Ben Sasson's "Ha'omnam" (in the context of the Hidden States exchange project with Israel). In June, Mark Lorimer's new piece "Darwin's Gypsy Dance" premiered at SommerSzene festival in ARGEkultur. An international touring brought the company to the US, to Israel and to various places in Europe.

Repertory 2014/2015

In the season 2014/15 internationally renowned choreographers were working with BODHI PROJECT on three new pieces, which all premiered in Salzburg: the first piece "students of harmony" was choreographed by Matija Ferlin and premiered at the tanz_house festival in der ARGEkultur. Bostjan Antoncic worked with the dancers on their second piece of the repertoire, named "still storm", which premiered at the New Faces New Dances Festival im republic. "A_Part" choreographed by Moya Michael was the third and last piece of that year's repertoire, which premiered at the Sommerszene 2015.

Repertory 2013/2014

Acclaimed choreographers Anton Lachky (Les SLovaks) and Robert Clark (Simone Michelle Choreography Award and Dance U.K Choreographic Observership) were commissioned to create new works for BODHI PROJECT. The company also performed restagings of Martin Nachbar’s "On Foot. A Pedestrian Romance", which was originally commissioned for BODHI PROJECT in 2013 and premiered successfully at Sommerszene Festival in Salzburg, and "Brutal" by Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea which was originally staged by SEAD’s fourth year students in 2013.

Repertory 2012/2013

In 2012/2013 the residencies with BODHI PROJECT were led by choreographers Marco Torrice, Stella Zannou and Martin Nachbar.

Repertory 2011/2012

In its fourth year of creation BODHI PROJECT worked with choreographers Jelka Milic, Diego Gil and Nigel Charnock.

Repertory 2010/2011

In season 2010/11 the BODHI PROJECT company performed creations by choreographers Zoë Knights, Maya Lipsker and Magdalena Reiter.

Repertory 2009/2010

In season 2009/10 the BODHI PROJECT company performed creations by choreographers Keren Levi, Matej Kejzar, Oleg Soulimenko, Milli Bitterli and Roberto Olivan.

Repertory 2008/2009

In season 2008/09 the BODHI PROJECT company performed creations by choreographers Jeremy Nelson, „my copy world“, Vanessa Justice „Obscure level“, Matej Kejzar “New Burlesque“, Jurij Konjar & Rob Hayden „Beautiful Toys“ as well as creation „How music sounds“ choreographed by Diego Gil.