Repertory 2018/19

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Repertory 2017/18

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Repertory 2016/17

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Repertory 2015/16

The season started with an international cooperation with DIALOGE festival for Etienne Guilloteau's "Tanz & Musik Zeit-Bild" (premiere November 2015, republic), followed by two premieres by Jukstapoz - Christine Gouzelis ("Fragile Matter") & Paul Blackman and Sita Ostheimer ("Ubuntu") at New Faces New Dances Festival in republic in February 2016. Later in April one more premiere happend at the Xchange Festival in republic with the presentation of Eldad Ben Sasson's "Ha'omnam" (in the context of the Hidden States exchange project with Israel). In June, Mark Lorimer's new piece "Darwin's Gypsy Dance" premiered at SommerSzene festival in ARGEkultur. An international touring brought the company to the US, to Israel and to various places in Europe.

Repertory 2014/2015

In the season 2014/15 internationally renowned choreographers were working with BODHI PROJECT on three new pieces, which all premiered in Salzburg: the first piece "students of harmony" was choreographed by Matija Ferlin and premiered at the tanz_house festival in der ARGEkultur. Bostjan Antoncic worked with the dancers on their second piece of the repertoire, named "still storm", which premiered at the New Faces New Dances Festival im republic. "A_Part" choreographed by Moya Michael was the third and last piece of that year's repertoire, which premiered at the Sommerszene 2015. 
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Repertory 2013/2014

Acclaimed choreographers Anton Lachky (Les SLovaks) and Robert Clark (Simone Michelle Choreography Award and Dance U.K Choreographic Observership) were commissioned to create new works for BODHI PROJECT. The company also performed restagings of Martin Nachbar’s "On Foot. A Pedestrian Romance", which was originally commissioned for BODHI PROJECT in 2013 and premiered successfully at Sommerszene Festival in Salzburg, and "Brutal" by Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea which was originally staged by SEAD’s fourth year students in 2013.
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Repertory 2012/2013

In 2012/2013 the residencies with BODHI PROJECT were led by choreographers Marco Torrice, Stella Zannou and Martin Nachbar.
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Repertory 2011/2012

In its fourth year of creation BODHI PROJECT worked with choreographers Jelka Milic, Diego Gil and Nigel Charnock.
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Repertory 2010/2011

In September 2010 the company started its third year of creation and premiered new works from internationally renowned choreographers. The residencies with BODHI PROJECT were led by choreographers Matej Kejzar, Zoe Knights, Maya Lipsker und Magdalena Reiter.
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