Choreographers 2017/18

Cecilia Bengolea

Jarkko Mandelin

Lali Ayguade


Cecilia Bengolea (Argentina) is a choreographer and dancer born in Buenos Aires and based in Paris. She studied anthropological Dance and Art History at the University of Buenos Aires, and followed the Ex.e.r.ce choreographic programme run by Mathilde Monnier in 2004. Cecilia has danced and choreographed with Joao Fiadeiro, Claudia Triozzi, Marc Tompkins, Alain Buffard, Mathilde Monnier, Trajal Harrel, Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Gintersdorfer/Klaßen, amongst others. Since 2005, a steady dialogue between Cecila Bengolea and François Chaignaud has given rise to miscellaneous works which are presented world-wide in dance venues and international festivals, in Europe, Japan, Korea, Brazil, U.S.A. In 2009, they won the Paris critique choreographic revelation award.

Jarkko Mandelin (Finnland) studied dance at the Ballet School and choreography at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. He is the founder and artistic director of Kinetic Orchestra, a Helsinki based contemporary dance company established in 2009. Kinetic Orchestra makes performances that are unique and recognizable in style that Jarkko Mandelin has been exploring trough out his career, combining ballet, acrobatics, partnering, breakdance and various other dance styles in a strong form of expression which is both aesthetic and kinetic. In his artistic work, he combines classical ballet, contemporary dance, breakdance, capoeira and acrobatics into an original and characteristic movement language.

Lali Ayguadé Farró (Spain) studied at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and later at Anne Teresa De Keermaeker’s P.A.R.T.S. After school Lali joined Publik Eye Company in Denmark where she collaborated with the dramaturg Carmen Mehnert. In 2003, Lali joined Akram Khan Company as a fulltime member creating and performing in numerous the productions over ten years. She has also worked with Roberto Olivan (Enclave Dance Company), Hofesh Shechter, Marcos Morau from La Veronal (Dance National Award in 2013 in Spain) and the contemporary circus company Baro d’ Evel. In 2010, she was nominated as ‘Exceptional dancer’ in the Critics Awards of London. Lali choreographed several pieces in collaboration with the acrobat Joan Ramon Graell, with Anton Lachky and Josef Vlk, Young Jin Kim and Joan Català, as well as three duets with Julian Sicard. Over the last years, Lali has been focusing on choreography, creating full-length works as Kokoro (2015) and iU an Mi (2017), although she continues diversifying her collaborations. One of the latest being a lead actor in the multi-awarded and 2017 Oscar-nominated short film TIMECODE by Juanjo Giménez.